"Bringing a world away, closer to home" - Salaam, Junub Games.

Salaam is a high tension runner game developed by Junub Games with the purpose of putting players into the shoes of refugees fleeing a war-torn country. The conceptual campaign creates a bridge between the world of refugees and those living in the West, incorporating interactivity, stories from refugees and statistics to make the issues facing refugees feel less distant and closer to home.

Disclaimer: This campaign is purely conceptual and was not done in collaboration with Junub Games.

An introduction to the campaign, the billboards will confront viewers with the realities of the refugee experience.

Transit ads will use augmented reality to place passers by into the lives of refugees. Incorporates photograph by Michael Swan. 

Subway decals will serve to enforce social distancing and symbolically bringing refugees into the space.

Seat decals will have corresponding posters that detail the story behind the shoes.

Bus window decals will detail the daily journey of a refugee.

Bus window decals will be placed chronologically from the front of the bus to the end.

Newspaper advertisements will serve as the summation of the campaign, detailing the connection between it and the game.

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