Hi, I'm Tai!

Each project that I have been involved in has been an opportunity to hone in on my passion for art and design, strengthening my skills as a designer. So far, I've applied my skills towards work involving developing & upholding brand identities, art direction, graphic design and storytelling.

I've served as a Design Intern at Trevor//Peter, the Digital Content Creator for the OCAD Student Union, and have taken on various freelance projects where I've had the opportunity to collaborate with teams of creatives to develop work that is both exciting and serves to connect people.

Resume can be available upon request.

Email contact@taitylernguyen.ca

My Work

As an advertising student, I often think about my prospective role in the advertising industry. Advertising's power to influence has the opportunity to enable meaningful change and has been the focus of my work during my studies. In my projects, I navigate the relationship between advertising and social change, considering methods of bridging campaigns with action. 

I've developed work for several non-profit organizations, including CJE Montreal and Rural & Ready, intending to apply methods of advertising to community outreach and direct action. As well, I developed Designs for a Difference, a fundraiser initiated amidst the Black Lives Matter movement that uses design to raise funds for BIPOC communities.

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