'Rural and Ready' is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing students living in rural communities the opportunities and resources that are valuable for them to succeed. 

Coming from shared experiences, the founders of 'Rural and Ready' saw that students from rural communities were not exposed to the same academic opportunities as their counterparts living in urban areas. With the intent of creating a brand identity that aligns with their mission, they teamed with The New Kid Collective to develop a brand strategy and visual identity. The developed identity takes inspiration from vintage aesthetics, translating a nostalgia for rural upbringings, and intermixes modern graphics to communicate the transition of students into the urban, post-secondary space.

Branding and Art Direction: Francis Ho, Martha Hen, Tai Nguyen.

Illustration: Brian Jiang
Strategy: Tristan Turigan
Project Management: Spencer Moore

January 2021.

Website Redesign. View the website here.

Illustrations created by Brian Jiang.

Social Media branding. View their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

View the complete style guide for 'Rural and Ready' here.

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