"It's Manly to Survive" - Movember

Conceptual integrated advertising campaign created for Movember. The campaign highlights toxic masculinity, a concept that exposes the harmful societal standards that men are held to, and its involvement in the deterioration of men's health. The advertisements urge men to take care of their physical and mental health by combatting statements that enforce negative stereotypes, which often lead men to downplay their wellbeing, as well as asking for donations to the Movember foundation.

This project was done solely for conceptual purposes and was not done in affiliation with Movember.

Conceptual 15 second ad spot created for Movember. Video is composed of stock footage retrieved from Pexels.com.

Bus shelter ads of the campaign are used to expose current statements that reinforce harmful gender roles - the mockup incorporates a tweet from Tomi Lahren, an American commentator, who calls president Joe Biden feminine for wearing a mask (October 2020).

Using digital billboards, the campaign will expose statements that enforce ideas of toxic masculinity in the current day. The mock-up presents a scrolling feed of real tweets.

The campaign's print component also contains a newspaper ad - a crossword puzzle that asks men to circle 5 topics that they openly discuss with their male friends. This component is meant to expose the topics men aren't comfortable having, and urging them to have those conversations for the betterment of their health.

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